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Do you feel like every diet you try ends up Yo-Yoing the weight right back on after all your hard work?

medical weight loss clinic california

You’re not alone. At Weight Clinic MD, we optimize your weight loss by helping you hit the reset button on your metabolism. Weight Clinic MD’s revolutionary metabolic weight loss program will turn all those struggles into successes. 

Other online weight loss programs over-promise & underdeliver, leaving you more frustrated than you were when you started. Our supervised weight loss program is designed to transform the way you think about weight loss and provide you with the comprehensive and customized metabolic reset built for your specific body chemistry.

Plus, our weight loss program is supervised by a Board-Certified Physician which means that your health always comes first. 

Our virtual weight loss program is built on a foundation of science, one-on-one virtual doctor visits, and innovative and proven prescription medicine metabolic reset techniques with one goal in mind—transforming your weight loss letdowns into weight loss breakthroughs!

It’s time that you discovered the power of our revolutionary supervised weight loss program that’s fit for your Life and your Body.

Call Weight Clinic MD to find out how to help you hit the reset button on your weight loss today!

Lower Body Fat Percentage

Increase Metabolism

Increase Sexual Performance

Reverse Aging

Enhance Immunity

Reduce Stress

Improve Mood, Memory and Sleep

Promote Increase Muscle Mass


Looking to lose weight while gaining energy? A prescription weight loss program might be the solution! Weight Clinic MD offers a prescription weight loss program under the supervision of a Board Certified, Licensed Medical Doctor. Before starting this program, you will be evaluated to verify that this is a safe option for you. At your first appointment, your body mass index (BMI) will be recorded before treatment begins along with collecting your medical history and evaluating your vital signs. This weight loss program consists of pairing a diet with a prescription weight loss medication to achieve maximum weight loss and suppress your appetite. Schedule your consultation today! Our program includes FDA approved weight loss prescriptions.


New Weight Loss Visit

Price $299.99
3 and 6-Month Weight Loss Package Deals Available.

Our state-of-the-art platform is designed to optimize your weight loss and maximize your results.  We provide medically supervised telehealth services in Texas & California. Hit the reset button on your…
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Follow Up Weight Loss Visit

Price $124.99
3 and 6-Month Weight Loss Package Deals Available.

As you step into your weight loss journey, our in-depth follow-up visit services provide you with the guidance and accountability to keep you on track every step of the way.…
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Virtual Internal Medicine Consultations

Price: Individualized pricing depending on service

Our Board-Certified Physicians consult on COVID-19, Erectile Dysfunction, Hair loss, Urgent care medical issues. We also review medical charts for Second Opinions, Refill prescriptions, Complete Nexus Letters, Fill Out (DBQs)…
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If you have questions about how our program can help you reset your metabolism and finally keep the weight off, call us today! Our specialists are standing by to help you transform your weight loss difficulties into successes that last! Confidential & HIPPA Compliant scheduling below!